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Introducing the Speakers of Erochain Expo

Erochain Expo features a series of expert-led seminars and discussion panels with distinguished doctors, psychologists, sexologists, and other professionals. Our event is crafted to offer attendees an enriching experience through engaging dialogues and expert insights into important subjects. Don’t miss this chance to expand your understanding and connect with leading voices in the field.


Sexual educator at the Family Development Association for 20 years, since 2012 has been involved in sexual and erotic education for adults, from YouTube videos (the now-defunct channel was the first Polish channel where she reviewed and showcased erotic accessories) through podcasts and the Seksdobrywszystkim channel co-hosted with Aleksander Czyż, to open and private workshops addressing issues of sexuality and pleasure, up to training on sexual education and issues related to the use of erotic accessories for sex shop employees throughout Poland. She conducted product training on erotic accessories for sexologists and therapists working with sexuality. As an expert, she carried out projects for Polpharma and also appeared in one of the “Fairy Tales for Adults” by the Owiaks about masturbation. Besides, Anna is an illustrator and the creator of the inclusive erotic game for couples, Amantes Original

Arkadiusz Hezler

Breathworker, personal development coach, dancer, Tantra practitioner. Completed a school for Tantra and Shamanism teachers at TrueTantra School alongside Ananda Rudra. His experience includes: working in altered states of consciousness, tantric practices, bioenergy therapy, bodywork, integration of psychedelic experiences, and working with the body through movement and massage.


Absolwent Akademii Wojsk Lądowych we Wrocławiu. Ratownik Wodny z ponad 10- letnim stażem (ratował na plażach w Polsce, USA oraz Bahamach). Ambasador fundacji Cancer Fighters (sam miał nowotwór w wieku 18 lat). Założyciel projektu “Trenuj z Rumakiem”. Obecnie Założyciel grupy tradingowo-inwestycyjnej „Take Profit Crew”.

Klaudia Latosik

Klaudia Latosik jest edukatorką psychoseksualną i terapeutką, współautorką poradnika seksuologicznego “Najlepsze przed Tobą. O dojrzałej sztuce kochania”. Wspólnie z Olgą Żukowicz prowadzi projekt edukacyjny Srebrny Warkocz. Prowadzi audycję radiową o seksie, intymności, bliskości i związkach w poznańskiej rozgłośni Afera.

Magdalena Smaś-Myszczyszyn

Magdalena Smaś-Myszczyszyn – a sexologist, certified psychotherapist, certified addiction psychotherapy specialist, certified trainer of therapy and prevention of behavioral addictions, supervisor, founder of the Warsaw Institute of Sexology and Psychotherapy, PhD candidate in medical sciences at IPiN in Warsaw, specializes in, among others, the therapeutic use of erotic gadgets.


She completed practical sexology at SWPS University in Poznań. She is a proponent of positive sexology and her own original DSP workshop.


A psychologist and sexologist with valuable clinical experience, currently running a private practice in psychology and sexology. Bases their approach on scientifically proven methods and a holistic perspective. Aims to help people achieve autonomy, awareness, spontaneity, and intimacy in their work. Operates in accordance with the Ethical and Professional Code of Psychologists, ensuring professionalism and empathetic support.


Professor Piotr Radziszewski is a globally recognized specialist in the field of urology and urological oncology, who combines knowledge and experience with a commitment to maintaining good patient relations.

Paweł Pablo Tyburski

Paweł Pablo Tyburski – from celebrity to businessman. He owns his clothing brand Gemelli. He has his own chain of barber shops, “Tybori barbershop.” He is an active competitor in Fame MMA. Co-founder of the “Twins Build” foundation aimed at helping kids who have left orphanages and other people in need. Everything he talks about, he knows from first-hand experience (sometimes very painful, but he has come out on top from every experience).

Patrycja Wonatowska

Graduate of the Higher Pedagogical School of the Polish Teachers’ Union (Pedagogy – Health Education and Addiction Prevention). Sexual educator, including HIV/AIDS issues. Completed postgraduate studies in clinical sexology. Therapist in the Solution-Focused Therapy approach. Psychology student. She has participated in numerous courses in sexual education and sexology, such as “SAR: Sexual Attitude Reassessment and Restructuring” conducted by Dr. Patti Britton and Dr. Robert Dunlap.

Her work is devoted to the prevention of psychosexual disorders, broadly understood sexual education, and the promotion of sexual health. As a sexual educator, she deals with counseling on sexuality at different life stages: children, adolescents, and adults. Counseling and therapy include both providing information and searching for possible solutions concerning difficulties in the area of sexuality. She provides individual and couples consultations. She conducts workshops and development groups in the field of sexuality. She collaborates with non-governmental organizations working on sexual education and HIV/AIDS health prevention.

“In my work, openness and a positive approach to sexuality are paramount values for me. In a safe and non-threatening way, I support personal development” – this is her motto

Swingolożka ona/jej

She helps couples/individuals to make an informed decision about when and how to enter the world of swinging. She has been swinging for 10 years and has visited clubs in Germany, the Czech Republic, Spain, the Netherlands, the USA, and Poland.

A cisgender woman, bisexual, living in a long-term consensual monoromantic and polysexual relationship. She completed her studies in Practical Sexology, among other reasons, to better understand herself and professionally support others in this regard. She aims to normalize consensual non-monogamy (including swinging), hence she coined the term SWINGOLOGY. She believes that long-term relationships have a chance to develop when they are cared for, including having honest conversations about one’s needs and fantasies.

Sylwia Ciszewska

A graduate of the integrated master’s program in psychology (SWPS University in Sopot) and a postgraduate student at the School of Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy (at USWPS). She has completed, among others, training in the treatment of sexual disorders, sexual disorders in women and men at the Postgraduate Medical Training Center, working with couples/relationships after experiencing infidelity (Warsaw Institute of Sexology and Psychotherapy), working with adults who experienced sexual violence in childhood, and in the field of gender, sexual, and relational diversity (Workshop for Psychological Assistance for Children, Adolescents, and Families). She is the author of therapeutic tools for couples/relationships and mindfulness trainings. Co-author of 11 tools supporting the independence of adults with intellectual disabilities. A psychologist and psychotherapist gaining experience in the Hospital for the Nervously and Mentally Ill in Starogard Gdański and in private practice. Associated with the Polish Association for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities for 12 years. Coordinator and creator of projects for people with intellectual disabilities and mental disorders. She has worked, among others, with sex workers, entrepreneurs, doctors, criminals, counter-terrorists, genderfluid individuals, non-monogamous, asexual individuals, etc. Works 1:1, 1:2, or more. In her office, one rule applies “EVERYONE IS WELCOME”. She is not afraid of uncomfortable topics, there are no taboo topics for her. Mutual respect counts, and human diversity is an inspiration for her.

Evil Woman

Evil Woman – Professional dominatrix with many years of experience. Winner of the “Best Dominatrix 2022” award from UK Fetish Awards. Owner of the largest BDSM studio for rent in Poland and organizer of fetish parties with electronic music.


For the past 12 years, I have been involved in broadly understood personal development, holistic bodywork, supporting women on their path to reclaiming power, and couples on their journey to building conscious, fulfilling relationships.

My path of holistic development evolved from ballroom dancing, through various forms of stage and intuitive dance, yoga, massage education, breathwork, to tantra, Gestalt psychotherapy, and deep emotional work as well as sexuality. Over the last few years, I have participated in many courses, festivals, and workshops of various forms of conscious work with the body and mind (including ISTA level I, ISTA level II, meditations according to Osho, contact improvisation, tantra workshops for couples, tao tantric arts, Movement Medicine, 5 rhythms, breathwork, trauma work workshops, workshops on sexual diversity, shibari, NVC, voice work).

For 8 years, I have been running, together with my sister and best friend Magda Milabo – holistic work with body and soul – organizing awareness festivals, workshops, and development trips. I also conduct individual and couples sessions in the Gestalt psychotherapy stream, as well as sexual healing sessions.

Karo Akabal

Karo Akabal – founder of Sex&Love School dedicated to adult sexual education, author of the book “Secrets of Female Sexuality”, the online course BASIC SexEd for basic sexual education for adult women, and the Pleasure Training, an original method for increasing capacity for pleasure in sex and in life. A teacher, speaker, visionary, and activist. She conducts workshops for women, both live and online.


She is a sexologist, a certified specialist in practical sexology, founder of AMORI Center for Positive Sexology, and Chair of the Program Council of Erochainexpo.

She completed postgraduate studies in phytotherapy “Herbs in Prevention and Therapy” at the Medical University of Poznań and sexological studies at SWPS University in Poznań.

She works within the positive approach to sexuality and solution-focused therapy with adults of every gender, identity, and sexual orientation. She believes that nature made people diverse, therefore, she places a huge emphasis on a special, individual approach to each client in her work.

She conducts sexological consultations, coaching sessions, and workshops. She deals with teaching effective communication, discovering needs and boundaries, and developing the sexual intelligence of partners. She helps to face all challenges related to human sexuality.

She practices the affirmation of pleasure, health, consensuality, and safety in the realm of human sexuality. In times of changing norms, standards, and approaches to therapy, she is able to critically and analytically verify each case.

Sylwia Kępa

Sylwia Kępa is a holistic sexologist, educator, and sexual educator, a gentle guide through the world of sexuality, and an enthusiast of the idea of working in circles; in her work, she draws knowledge and inspiration from both the latest academic sources and ancient ones, such as tantra and tao.

Anna Karczmarczyk

Anna Karczmarczyk, an actress, is a graduate of the Academy of Theatre Arts in Warsaw. She made her debut in the widely discussed movie “Galerianki” at the age of 16. Since then, she has played dozens of roles in films, TV series, and theater productions. She regularly performs at the Kwadrat Theater in Warsaw. In April, she premieres a new play titled “Dance Lessons,” and in the fall, you will see her in a new blockbuster TV series on Polsat called “Betrayal,” starring alongside Dawid Ogrodnik and Paweł Małaszyński. She is also the host of the Sexperience podcast created for the Women’s Project Foundation.

Marta Gąska

Marta Gąska is one of the best makeup artists in Poland, an undisputed specialist and authority in the field of makeup. She is an ambassador for the SunewMed+ and NaturEssence brands.

She has collaborated with the biggest stars of film and music, including Edyta Górniak, Małgorzata Socha, and Ewa Farna. She creates makeup looks for major TV shows such as “Dancing with the Stars,” “The Voice of Poland,” “X Factor,” and “The World of Dance.” She runs her own makeup series on “Dzień Dobry TVN.” She appears as a makeup expert in numerous TV programs such as “Projekt Lady” on TVN, “Sablewska’s Way of Fashion” on TVN STYLE, “Fashion Duel” on TVN STYLE, “All of You” on TVN, “Extra Change” on TVN STYLE, and “Dream Wedding” on TVN STYLE.

She has numerous press publications, including in international magazines like “L’Officiel” KZ and “L’Officiel Ukraine.”

For 12 years, she has successfully run her own makeup school, MARTA GĄSKA MAKEUP SCHOOL, training dozens of people annually. Her school participates in major fashion and cultural events such as the “42nd FEATURE FILM FESTIVAL IN GDYNIA,” “KRAKÓW FASHION SQUARE,” “WARSAW FASHION STREET,” and creates makeup teams for numerous TV programs and events like “Take Me Out” on Polsat and “World of Dance” on Polsat. She conducts training and practical workshops in makeup and styling for professionals, business entities, and individuals. She holds the SUS2.0 certificate, which qualifies her to conduct training with EU funding support.

Lady G

Lady G is a tantric dominatrix, fetish performer, and organizer of retreats combining tantra with kink – TANTRANATRIX. Her second alter ego is Angie Zysk. She graduated from the Warsaw Film School in Musical Theater Acting and completed cultural studies. An actress, dancer, and choreographer, she has been associated with the Buffo Theater for 9 years and with the Carnival Samba Show – Carnival Stars for 13 years.

She combines stage experience with a spiritual nature. She leads workshops on Intimate Boundaries for women and corporate training in communication, assertiveness, and building trust within teams.

She received a certificate from the Institute of Positive Sexuality in sexological work with couples based on the Wheel of Consent. She completed the international SAR (Sexual Attitude Reassessment) training program, a mandatory component of the education for American sexual therapists, counselors, and educators, required in the AASECT certification process.

In her femdom sessions, she introduces aspects of spirituality and magic, turning them into a real spectacle with the participation of the submissive person.


Modern and large-scale exhibition center in the heart of Warsaw (10 minutes from the Central Railway Station and 5 minutes from the Western Railway Station).