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Greetings and a warm welcome to our Erochain Expo FAQ section! This page is your resource for information regarding various aspects of the festival. Should you have any questions that remain unanswered after browsing this page, please feel free to reach out to us directly. Our team is always ready to provide additional information to ensure your experience at the Erochain Expo is unparalleled.

The standard cost for a single-day pass is set at 39€. For those seeking a premium experience, our VIP tickets are available at 599€. We offer an attractive early bird discount of 50%, but be aware that this discount gradually reduces as the event date approaches.
We offer an attractive early bird discount of 50%, but be aware that this discount gradually reduces as the event date approaches.

You can buy tickets by visiting this ticket page -

You can pay by credit/debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

We don't have any special discounts for students. We offer an attractive early bird discount of 50%, but be aware that this discount gradually reduces as the event date approaches.

We offer personalized terms for Influencers/Bloggers, so fill out the application form on this page -

Our manager will contact you to provide details.

Each ticket purchased for our event offers flexible usage, allowing attendees the freedom to select any day of the festival to attend, as per their convenience. There is no designated date attached to each ticket, ensuring maximum flexibility for our guests

You can enter the event with a standard backpack or bag, but large suitcases or backpacks must be left in the cloakroom. The cloakroom is free for Erochain Expo attendees.

At the Erochain Expo, we recognize the desire of our attendees to capture and preserve their experiences through photography and video. We welcome you to document your memories at the event, adhering to the following guidelines:


Camera Size Limitation: Only compact cameras are permitted. Your camera, including lens and flash, must fit within a 20x20x20cm space. Additional attachments and external flashes are not allowed.


Photography Aids: For safety reasons, photography equipment such as tripods, chairs, or ladders are strictly prohibited.


Stage Shows and Performances: Photography and filming of shows and performances on Erochain stages are unrestricted.


Exhibitor Stands: Capturing images or videos at exhibitor stands is permissible only after obtaining the exhibitor's consent. Exhibitors reserve the right to restrict photography at their stands.


Respecting Privacy: When photographing or filming other fair visitors, their explicit consent is required. This ensures a respectful and enjoyable experience for all.


We urge you to follow these rules diligently. Failure to comply may result in exclusion from the fair. Let's work together to ensure a delightful and respectful environment for everyone at the Erochain Expo.

Within the guidelines of the respective social media, yes.

Within the parameters of the respective social media, yes.

An experienced team of experts ensures the security on Erochain Expo.

For comprehensive information regarding the best routes and transportation options to reach the Erochain Expo, we invite you to visit our dedicated 'Venue and Transport' page. This resource provides detailed guidance on location, address, and various transportation modes to assist you in planning your journey seamlessly. You can access all the necessary information at Erochain Expo Venue and Transport -

We are pleased to offer convenient parking options for attendees at the Erochain Expo. Parking is available for a fee, with the following rate structure:

  • Hourly Rate: 10 PLN (~2.25€) per hour.
  • Daily Rates:
    • For a single day, the rate is 60 PLN (~13.50€).
    • For two days, the rate is 95 PLN (~21.50€).

These parking facilities are designed to ensure that your visit to the Erochain Expo is as seamless and hassle-free as possible

No, all attendees can come as they wish.

No, Erochain is open, colorful and free.

Yes, that's no problem.

No, it's not allowed.

Yes, there will be a specific area.

Yes, the fair is only allowed for people aged 18 and over.

Yes, you can leave your items in the free and secured cloakroom at Erochain Expo.